Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease and can be hard to shake. Sometimes I can be completely overcome by anxiety at the thought of leaving my house and socialising. This causes me to cancel my plans and stay home for the day instead, I lie in bed and feel immensely guilty for not being reliable, and the fact that anxiety has won once again.
For those who suffer with anxiety in this way I have found a few techniques that can make life a little simpler, and getting out the house a little easier;
  1. Breaking your day into more manageable chunks can make the whole task of leaving the house seem less daunting; if you tell yourself you are simply going to get out of bed and make a coffee, this seems much more manageable than getting ready and leaving the house. Once you have finished the first step you can then decide on the second.
  2. Don’t over do it. If you have a busy day planned, you may feel more anxious than normal when it comes to leaving the house that day. For me, my desire would be not to attend anything and to curl up in bed instead. However, if you plan ahead and ensure anxiety causing activities are spread throughout your week instead of all on one day, this can make attending each event more achievable.
  3. Educate yourself. There are literally thousands of books, blogs and websites surrounding mental health. I have found my anxiety more manageable since I began to learn more about it.
  4. Look after yourself. When I’m anxious or depressed I know I find it particularly hard to complete the normal day to day activities known as self-care. However, looking after yourself is extremely important. This also ties in with eating well, staying hydrated and getting some form of gentle exercise.
  5. Just do it. The best advice can sometimes be the most difficult to implement, however when anxiety strikes, the best thing you can do is to fight and overcome it, by staying in control and not changing your plans to meet the needs of anxiety. Though this is much easier said than done, the feeling of accomplishment when you have completed a task you felt particularly worried about is second to none.